Working To Empower

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About Us

Working to Empower is a non-profit and non-governmental organization working to empower sustainable, community-based change. Focused mainly upon HIV/AIDS education, WTE works in additional areas so as to counter-act the negative effects felt within society. Other approaches include providing school fees for orphans and income generating projects for the most vulnerable of society. Key to Working To Empower's success is the prominent role of local partners. Local needs are matched with locally based proposals by members of the community. Working To Empower aims to make proposals a reality so as to facilitate the implementation of locally demanded projects. We fundamentally assert the equality of all peoples and are rooted in the three core values of Responsibility, Respect, and Sustainability. It is our view that inequal distribution of goods, rights, education, and other resources produce inequal opportunity for certain peoples. It is our motivation to equalize these resources in order to empower people so that needed social changes can occur. Working to Empower is actively engaged in community-based empowerment within refugee camps in Tanzania and Benin, repatriation areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and IDP camps in Northern Uganda.