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FOUNDATION OVERVIEW: There are 5.6 million young adults who are out of school and the labor market and 2.6 million post-9/11 veterans transitioning to civilian life, with another million expected to return in the coming years. The Schultz Family Foundation is working to close this opportunity divide. We see tremendous possibility in these two groups of young Americans. We see grit. Ambition. Talent. Resiliency. And America’s future.


Onward Youth:  Because of the untapped potential of youth who need employment and chances to further their education, they are referred to as “Opportunity Youth.”  We seek to provide these young people with the training, education, opportunity, and support they need to become thriving participants in the workforce and contributing members of our communities. 

Onward Veterans:  We seek to empower post-9/11 veterans and their families in their transition to civilian life. Our returning service members have diverse skills demanded by today’s civilian labor force, including impressive work ethics, leadership, and strategic problem-solving abilities. Onward Veterans is focused on investing in research and treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury; enhancing employment opportunities through innovative training and career placement; and facilitating access to services for veterans and their families.