Hoosier Action

  • Indiana


1461 West Bloomfield Road
United States

About Us

Hoosier Action is a new organization dedicated to building the Indiana that we deserve. We are organizing primarily in Southern Indiana, bringing together farmers and food stamp recipients, laid-off union members and agricultural workers from Mexico, students and teachers, and many folks who are struggling with the new crisis of opioid addiction. We recognize the pernicious effects of corporate power, banks offering stratospheric interest rates, no money for schools or addiction treatment and we recognize that most of our politicians are beholden to this system of corporate control and structural racism.

We are Hoosiers fighting for dignity and democracy, and we want freedom from violence, poverty and debt. As an organization we are dedicated to building a mass base of Hoosiers in cities and small towns who are able to foment change through accountability, elections, legislation and direct action. We seek an organizer who shares our values, our love of Indiana, and our vision for what the state could be and the power we can collectively build. Specifically our next organizer will build chapters throughout Southern Indiana as part of a team that is simultaneously visionary and pragmatic. One month we are stopping the worst excesses of the State Legislature, the next month we are leading a house meeting membership drive, followed by organizing scaled-up electoral organizing.