Amnesty International NYC Women's Human Rights Action Team

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About Us

The Amnesty International NYC Women's Human Rights Action Team (NYCWHRAT) welcomes all who want to do activist work for women's human rights globally and at home. It is a chartered Local Group (No. 701) of AIUSA. Our members include a wide range of people committed to human rights, from veteran organizers to first-time activists, from human rights professionals to recent high school graduates. The Women's Action Team is member-driven and semi-autonomous: we decide, within the broad parameters of Amnesty's mission and policies, what actions we'll do, and we plan, organize, publicize and carry them out ourselves, usually in collaboration with other progressive organizations. NYCWHRAT is run by an all-volunteer coordinating committee. Most of our work is done in issue-specific committees. You do not need to be a paid member of Amnesty International to be involved, but we do urge you to join join AIUSA, to support the international struggle for human rights and to ensure that women?s human rights remain a priority within Amnesty International. The Women's Action Team meets monthly, and our meetings usually feature a presentation or training. The trainings alternate monthly between speakers on HR issues and practical workshops on media work, community organizing and planning direct actions. The meetings also include a brief orientation for new and returning members, reports from action committees, women?s human rights issues updates, announcements, and ideas and plans for future public education work and political actions.

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