UC Gill Tract Community Farm

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1050 California 123
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About Us

The UC Gill Tract Community Farm is a cooperative project between the University of California at Berkeley and the community that centers on agroecological farming practices while implementing the principles of food justice. This includes people exercising their rights to grow, distribute, and eat food that is fresh, nutritious, affordable with care for the well-being of the land and the workers. We see the UC Gill Tract Community Farm serving as a model for community-based research and the implementation of collaborative ideas.

Our shared governance structure and programming aim to promote community resilience. We are transmitting knowledge about growing and preparing healthy food to increase the consumption of locally grown produce. We are developing and testing models of equitable and affordable food distribution. We are building relationships with other food justice organizations and providing forums and opportunities for popular education. We make recommendations for food and land policies that encourage the expansion of urban lands under production.

Since our first plantings in 2014, we have grown over 70,000 pounds of organic produce, much of which has been distributed free to organizations serving those in need. Our weekly "pay what you can" farm stand also supports our mission of providing fresh organic food to the community.

We also serve as an education center hosting individuals, school groups, classes, workshops, internships,and corporate volunteer work days to teach people how to grow healthy food. Our Farm also provides opportunities for food system and environmental education which we believe will ultimately encourage healthier living and more self-sufficient communities.