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About Us

AgDevCo ( is a fast growing, not-for-profit, agricultural project development and investment company operating in sub-Saharan Africa and head-quartered in London. Our two main objectives are:

  1. To create sustainable and commercially viable farming and agribusiness enterprises operating in profitable value chains
  2. To support large numbers of small-scale farmers by increasing productivity and incomes

AgDevCo aims to achieve these objectives through two distinct sets of activities:

  1. Development of “greenfield” opportunities as principal. AgDevCo acts as project sponsor, risking its own capital and taking full responsibility for the project development process. This includes: consultations with local communities to ensure equitable access to land, technical studies (soil, hydrology and irrigation), crop trials and pilots, the raising of additional public and private finance and the construction and implementation of the farming operations.
  2. Investing in existing start-ups and early stage agricultural businesses. AgDevCo invests in promising agricultural businesses that do not have access to alternative sources of debt or equity finance, due to various market failures.

With funding from donor agencies and philanthropic organisations, AgDevCo is able to take a long-term approach and accept lower financial returns than a profit-maximising investor. We take the time to develop models which link small-scale farmers to nucleus commercial farms and markets. We insist on high social and environmental standards.

Over the course of just a few years, AgDevCo has opened offices in London, Zambia, Mozambique, Ghana and Tanzania. The Ghana office was formally established in 2012 although AgDevCo has been working in Ghana in partnership with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture since 2010.