East New York Preparatory Charter School

  • NY


East New York/Brownsville
United States

About Us

MISSION: East New York Preparatory Charter School ensures students achieve or exceed grade-level mastery of academic content, knowledge, and skills. We provide a rigorous curriculum, disciplined environment, and supportive community, where our K-8th grade students are academically and socially prepared to excel within demanding, college preparatory high schools.

VISION: ENY Prep improves student performance and academic achievement in core subjects. ENY Prep achieves these goals by:

• Taking advantage of the student’s early entrance at the K level to start early and immediately address any existing academic deficiencies: We ensure the academic foundation students need before they move forward.

• Hiring teachers that specialize in core academic subjects: We utilize specialized literacy, math, science and history teachers that are best able to provide masterful instruction.

• Having parents involved in the educational process: We will help parents become partners in their child's education with training workshops, family newsletters and a school covenant.

• Increasing the length of school days and the length of the school year: We require students to attend school for 190 days, from 8:00am to 4:00 pm each day, providing tutoring and enrichment after school and during the summer.

• Enforcing strict behavioral rules through a clear Code of Conduct: We do not allow disrespect of any kind to be part of our school culture.

• Creating smaller classrooms (25 students) with two teachers in every K-2nd grade class to facilitate more effective teaching and learning: We know our students well, and use our knowledge to maximize learning.