Meeting Ground Inc.

  • MD


P.O.Box 808
United States

About Us

Vision: Everyone in Cecil County, Maryland will have a place to call home.

Mission: We, the community of Meeting Ground, respect and serve persons at-risk of, or experiencing, homelessness by:

     Meeting basic human needs,

     Connecting people to service,

     Fostering spiritual and emotional well-being, and

     Advocating for those whose voices need to be heard

with the goal of creating a path to a place they call home.

Core Values:  

  • Faith: We are guided by faith in all actions.
  • Community: We invite all to participate fully regardless of needs, differences, or gifts.
  • Integrity: We stand firmly for what is right.
  • Excellence: We strive for continual improvement in all we do.
  • Advocacy: We speak to foster understanding and acceptance for those we serve.
  • Stewardship: We hold ourselves accountable for the effective management of all human and fiscal resources.