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About Us

The mission of HOME is to inspire inner city African-American youth to reach their academic potential and to prepare students for their future professional position in the global economy. HOME provides the resources necessary to explore and enhance the personal, academic and professional endeavors of our students.

When this countries most precious assets–our youth– find themselves in uncompromising situations that challenge their transitions through life, HOME exists as the abode where dreams, aspirations and goals of students are cultivated and achieved. HOME is where the love of education and self flourishes and the mantra is “I have a hand on my education, therefore I control my destination.”

Our students enter HOME with the desire to be educated, empowered, and enriched through programs and workshops designed to bring out their very best. Through collaborations with parents, community organizations, businesses and educators students are encouraged and expected to seize the career, educational and social opportunities that have historically been available only to “qualified” individuals. To our students we say: Welcome HOME!