Barnstone Art for Kids

  • PA


388 W. Pothouse Road
United States

About Us

Using the power of art to help children who have a shaken sense of security to heal, cope and grow.

  • Building Confidence: We encourage the child to take each project where they want it to go. This allows them to feel a sense of control and the freedom to express themselves without judgment. Kids feel confident, creative, empowered, safe and supported, respected, stimulated, encouraged.
  • Healthy Expression: We provide fun materials and encouragement to look at the world in a different light. Each child is allowed to express themselves in their own way. Kids are allowed to be kids.
  • Nurturing: We select positive adult role models that provide support, are attentive, sympathetic and assist in the creative process.
  • Passion: We wholeheartedly believe in the old adage "it takes a village." We invest our energy in building the right environments for children to succeed. We believe that by pairing a child and mentor, together, they can create positive moments that may impact a life time.