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About Us

MOLLY AND PAUL CHILD CARE FOUNDATION ( is a registered Christian NGO =Non Governmental Organization based in Uganda , East Africa . We were called to care for orphaned , abandoned children/youths, disadvantaged and vulnable children, youths and their families who are the victims of the killer dieases mainly HIV_AIDS, malaria, poverty, wars, ignorance, abuse, explotation and other causes that bring hardship to good living.

We are able to do so throught the provision of largely free or susdised education, medical care , feeding, accommodation, resetlement and finding of schorlarships/bursaries for the needy and derseving students in all levels of education and training for lifelong skills. This is only possible by the help we get from donations, sponsorship, sales of crafts largely made by the staff and children , agro-products like , food ,eggs, milk, young animals, fish all grown and cared for by by the children in our schools and homes.

Every year we are blessed to send a childrens. choir known as THE PEARL OF AFRICA CHILDREN'S CHOIR ( to mainly UK for fund raising . The choir has been and continues to attract for us many volunteers and visitors to our schools, clinics , farm schools and projects. In turn these volunteers/visitors have become our ambassadors to different countries where support has also come from.

However, those that can't see the choir have no chance of hearing and knowing about out work and our needs thus the need to use this forum to invite volunteers to come and visit us . More information is found from our web site. We warmely welcome all kinds of visitors/volunteers for short and long stay.

May God bless you as you consider volunteering with us in any of our schools, farms schools, clinics and other projects. We shall answer ever email or call sent to us. You are most welcme !

Molly and Paul M Wasswa