Youth Homes, Inc.

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3480 Buskirk Avenue
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Pleasant Hill
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About Us

For over 50 years, the Youth Homes team has provided services for young people who have experienced multiple traumas, abuse and neglect. What drives us is simple: helping young people heal and empowering them to lead lives of meaning.

Company Overview:

Youth Homes staff is made up of a diverse and multicultural; team that works collaboratively to serve the needs of our clients. Our senior staff are leaders and change agents who work in the vanguard of state-wide legislative changes to the foster care system and Continuum of Care Reform. We work diligently and effectively by measuring the effects of our work. We look for incremental change, the smalls steps that, when taken together, will enable young people to move forward with their lives. We use tools that give us the feedback we need: evidence-based practices, collecting outcome data and using what we learn to assess and improve our work. We integrate theory and technique to provide the highest level of quality care. 

Our system of care and treatment philosophy is strength based, culturally sensitive and trauma informed. We combine the positive parenting principles of the Nurtured Heart Approach© with the crisis management techniques of Pro-Act©, and an understanding of the effects of trauma on behavior and relationships to deliver individualized, high quality services focused on strengthening permanent family ties and lifelong skills.


At Youth Homes our dedicated staff and volunteers are mobilized in order to to provide a safe place for traumatized and foster youth to heal and grow. Together we envision a world where these children can live healthy, whole, and productive lives.