Pee Dee Community Arts Team

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About Us

PEE DEE COMMUNITY ARTS TEAM is an outreach of Kingdom Life International Church pastored by Drs Dwight & Bernadette Elijah.

We are a non-profit organization with a focused mission to impact youth and young adults in our community through the performing arts, social and health awareness and charitable service. Our leadership team is a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of skills and expertise (including modern, jazz, African, Hip-Hop, Liturgical, Lyrical, Pop, Mime, Sign Language, Tap, Martial Arts, Drama, Stage, Vocal/Singing, Art, Public Speaking, Poetry, Piano, Sewing) Our Goal is to make a difference in our entire community by offering dance and fine arts education and training through various workshops, classes, retreats, conferences, and specialized intensives from qualified instructors. It is our desire to uplift, encourage, empower and inspire our youth and provide high quality classes and training in a safe environment. We are assisting them in expanding their knowledge, understanding the importance of touching others lives and helping others, teamwork, positive problem solving and giving valuable insight for career paths in the performing arts.