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About Us

Mission Statement of the

Tierrasanta Foundation

The Tierrasanta Foundation shall promote the interest and general welfare of the Community of Tierrasanta through the raising and distribution of funds in ways that directly or indirectly serve to improve the quality of life for Tierrasantans. The primary focus of Tierrasanta Foundation activities shall be as follows:

1. To raise capital for community infrastructure projects in Tierrasanta.

2. To raise capital for operations and maintenance of community infrastructure in Tierrasanta.

3. To serve as the fiduciary agent in support of organizations and activities that provide service or benefit to the community of Tierrasanta.

4. To serve as an advocate for Tierrasanta’s infrastructure needs including the seeking of funding from city, county, state and federal sources.

5. To perform other functions as may be determined by the Tierrasanta Foundation Board of Directors.

The Tierrasanta Foundation, insofar as it works to fund major infrastructure improvements that benefit the community of Tierrasanta, shall be responsible to the citizens of Tierrasanta and frequently shall report to and seek guidance from same.

The Tierrasanta Foundation shall work cooperatively with other community and service organizations of Tierrasanta.