National Development Foundation - NDEF Cameroon

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About Us


NDEF is looking up to that society wherein small scale farmers are effectively generating ample returns from their agricultural activities and using such multiple benefits to maintain acceptable standards of nutrition, socio-economic and the general well being of their families.


As a not-for-profit, non-religious and apolitical NGO, NDEF works with small scale farmers empowering them to use improved and sustainable agricultural practices to reduce the vulnerability of their households to food, health and income insecurity while ensuring sound environmental aspects.


ØTo provide support to rural communities in realizing their aspirations, in particular the alleviation of poverty and the improvement of livelihoods and life opportunities.

ØTo provide support that is consistent with the long-term objectives of local, national and international communities, entailing awareness and promotion of sustainable solutions to the problems of clients.

ØTo undertake the above objectives through a participatory and empowering approach to development.

Step 1.Technological Support Domains of Trainings: i) Rapid propagation techniques for high value tree species - grafting - marcotting - rooting of cuttings ii) Rapid multiplication of improved banana and plantain suckers iii) Agroforestry models iv) Bee farming practices

Step 2. Group Nursery Development NDEF assists farmer groups in the development of group nurseries including construction of propagators, forming of beds and donation of seeds.

NDEF supports farmer groups in the nursery maintenance and advises on the nursing of seeds in preparation for field planting.

Step 3. Farm Establishment Planning of farm set up Identification of key issues such as soil infertility, soil erosion, etc. Advice on tree varieties Recommendation of modes of intercropping Adoption of agroforestry models Integration of multipurpose and fast growing trees varieties Field planting and management

Step 4. Integration of Bee Farming Practices Introduction of bee farming activities Construction of beehives Apiary development Management, harvesting, processing, packaging

Step 5. Managerial Support Domains of Trainings:

i) Group management and group dynamics ii) Leadership iii) Record keeping iv) Reporting iv) Basic marketing principles

Step 6. Harvesting Honey Plantains/bananas Fruits Medicinal plants Foodstuffs

Step 7. Processing & Marketing

NDEF advises on processing techniques in order to add value and increase variety. In addition, it also passes on basic marketing principles to help farmers benefit from a wider market Preservation techniques Production of honey by-products: wax, oils, polish Flour, starch, etc Wine, jam and whisky from fruits Simple processing of barks, roots and leaves of medicinal plants Selective Marketing