Men Committed to Serving the Community

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About Us

Mission: To enhance the lives of young men through the cultivation of their individual identities and aspirations.

Students participating in our program will focus on discovering their potential and creating a positive change in our community. Students will accomplish this in a three step process:

  • Create a Post High School Action Plan by working closely with mentors enabling students to further their potential
  • Explore issues around masculinity (i.e. attitudes towards women, peers, and their community)
  • Developing leadership skills through the design and implementation of a service project.

In order to successfully meet the needs of the students our program the mentors of MCSC have committed to the following:

  • To help inner-city youth discover the power of service and how it can become a vehicle for peace building in their lives.
  • Provide a safe environment for young men to gain a better understanding of their own identity.
  • Demonstrate the positive qualities of masculinity and help students move past social stereotypes.
  • Help prepare young men from the inner-city for the financial and cultural challenges they will face in higher education.
  • Contribute the self-efficacy of students by helping them to create their own service project in order to better their surroundings.
  • Above all promote intelligence, compassion, strength, respect and hard work.

A crisis calls for action. With violence on the rise and an overburdened school system the young men of South Seattle are currently in a state of crisis. MCSC is a direct response to the crisis facing our young men and our goal is to help young men find a better path.