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About Us

Yoga For All Movement is on a mission to make yoga accessible to all in Santa Cruz County, the Central Coast, and beyond. We define accessible as equity. To us equitable yoga is physically safe, trauma-informed, culturally competent and affordable.

What started out as a volunteer yoga collective in 2014, has since become a full-fledged 501c3 organization with a four-part vision: continue to teach yoga to all underserved and under-resourced populations including but not limited to: individuals experiencing incarceration, survivors of domestic violence, adults in long-term recovery from substance use, youth in the public and alternative education school systems and individuals experiencing co-occurring disorders as well as chronic physical pain. Additionally, we work with yoga studios and holistic wellness centers to ensure that equitable yoga is availed within these systems of support throughout our community. Lastly, we envision affordable educational workshops and teacher trainings so that economic opportunity is availed as well as additional resources to contribute to one's own continuum of care and as a result, can return to Yoga For All Movement as a volunteer yoga teacher.

We are shifting the narrative that yoga is for the select few to yoga is inclusive of all people. We are shifting patterns in our society that are a reflection of inequity to equity for all. We are sourcing our own inner-capacities of authentic inclusion to support these shifts. The impact we wish to see in the world is one that promotes equity, justice, full-potential, thriving and healing for all people.

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