Centre For Research & Development (East Africa)


P.O.Box 1410, Kikuyu-Kenya(E.A)


About Us

THE Centre for Research & Development (CRED) is a young registered NGO based in Kenya focusing on Community research, development and sensitisation on social, economic and environmental issues. It carries out ADVOCACY, AWARENESS BUILDING, CAPACITY ENHANCEMENT, COMMUNITY HIV/AIDS EDUCATION & MOBILIZATION,ENVIRONMENTAL CAMPAIGNS AND INFORMATION DISSEMINATION THROUGH PUBLICATIONS IN THE RURAL AND SLUM COMMUNITIES IN KENYA. Through assistance, cooperation and collaboration from friends, donors,charitable partiners and volunteers,CRED's ultimate goal is to create and promote an enviroment of social and economic development where local communities exist with there resources and neighbours peacefully. This neccesitates special attention on the environment: wetllands, disapperaring ecosystems, and social-cultural reorientation of the rural communities in Kenya and East Africa in general.