African Children and Community Development Foundation

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About Us

ACCODEF is a Community Based Organisation, (CBO) dedicated to qualitatively improve the living conditions of Children and Communities within which it operates, by working in partnerships with the communities, local government, CBOs and other Aid agencies addressing the importance of consciously and sustainably utilizing the environment for improving on the quality of life in terms of Education, Health and Economic benefits.


That Vulnerable Communities are empowered with their Health, Education and Income Generation needs met to enable them to become self-sufficient, assume leadership roles, and have a positive impact on the Ugandan society


Raise the standard of living of underprivileged people through provision of HIV/AIDS, Health and Education Support, Vocational Skills Development and start up Resources for Income Generation.


The Foundation shall implement its programme aiming at achieving the following objectives:

  1. Increase global awareness and solidarity of various Community Development issues i.e. HIV/AIDS, Cultural Exchange, Agriculture, Human and Child Rights, Poverty eradication, Environment, Water and Sanitation, Health, Voluntary Services, Leadership E.t.c through constant mobilisation at different levels
  2. To build the capacity of the Communities in Business Oriented Skills through training of beneficiaries in vocational / business skills.
  3. To raise the standards of OVCs, their guardians and the General Community through sustainable community initiated projects supported through capacity building at grassroot levels.
  4. Provide assistance for facilities to schools and institutions that look after OVCs.
  5. To initiate a Revolving Fund for establishing Income Generating Projects/Activities among the beneficiaries.
  6. To increase awareness on the transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS and other diseases and on the availability of Care Services.


  1. Community members. over the age of 15 years
  2. 2. OVCs below 15 years of age.
  3. School Going and Out of school Youth.

Theme: “Community Based Voluntary Services a Key Tool for Worldwide Development”