Congress of the Third-Sector Leaders


3-1-31, Mechnikov
St. Petersburg


About Us

Nonprofit partnership, Congress of the Third-Sector Leaders is a duly registered nonprofit nongovernmental organization, established in order to consolidate efforts of numerous nonprofit organizations located throughout the former Soviet Union in establishing of a peer-to-peer dialogue with government and business aimed at settlement of a number of current problems the third sector has faced.

1. Goals of the Nonprofit Partnership, Congress of the Third-Sector Leaders:

Its strategic goal is to create legal institute of democratic governance and mature civil society.

Its tactical goals are to:

- create a system of protection of NPO’ s interests, mechanism for NPO to influence authorities, enact bills providing for funding of NPO and for reduction of taxable base for members of charitable activities (whether legal entities or individuals) within the limits of money spent for funding of charity projects of nonprofit nongovernmental organizations; - to develop nonprofit sector; - establish the institute of fundraising; - train personnel for NPO; - promote public awareness, develop civil initiatives, animate public organizations for the purposes of building of civil society and rule-of-law state; - assist socially challenged and marginal groups in obtaining access to the exercise their human rights and civil rights, access to basic social services, and improvement of quality of life; - further creation of conditions enabling unhindered establishment and activities of nongovernmental nonprofit organizations.

2. Basic activities of the Nonprofit Partnership, Congress of the Third-Sector Leaders , are as follows:

- consolidation of the third sector of the post-Soviet space in dialogue with authorities; - arrangement, creation of working environment, and holding of events attended by leaders of NPO of Russia and foreign countries; - development, generation, and promotion of mechanisms of NPO’s influence on various legislative processes and elections in the former Soviet Union states; - development of positive partner relationships between leaders of NPO of former Soviet Union states; - establishing of a fundraising agency; holding of a general fundraising campaign; - regular holding of International Congress of Leaders of NPO of the former Soviet Union states; - creation of an Internet site, and active promotion thereof.