Swapnplay Community Sharing

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7535 N Chicago
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About Us

Our Mission: Swapnplay Community Sharing Inc. exists to:

(1) ease the burden on low- and moderate-income North Portland families by providing access to shared resources;

(2) promote environmental and economic sustainability of the Portland metropolitan area through community sharing;

(3) provide educational resources to children, parents, and families; and

(4) partner with other organizations to create and implement large-scale community projects providing educational and material resources for North Portland communities.

Swapnplay Playspace: Our 4,000-square-foot playspace engages children in an abundance of diverse, interactive activities while providing access to shared resources while providing opportunities for parents and caregivers to connect.

From our inception in 2009, we have worked with our partners and parent volunteers to build an affordable, vibrant, inviting, and safe Playspace with lots of activities to build cognitive and social skills as well as cultivating imagination, creativity and self-discovery.