Bugerere Education Support Organisation

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About Us


BESO exists to improve the lives of Children, Women and Youth through Education and Economic Empowerment in Central Region of Uganda.

BESO is a registered grass root Organization, constituted to provide services geared towards education and economic empowerment in the poor and vulnerable communities in the central region of Uganda. The Organization aims at informing and supporting the children, women and youth in the Region with education and economic empowerment.

This is done by ensuring appropriate mobilization, participatory planning, allocation and utilization of resources, and meaningful participation of children, women and youth the poorest to address the causes of poverty.


A community of children, women and youth with improved livelihoods.


  • Volunteerism: We endeavor to inspire a spirit of volunteerism in ourselves and the communities we work with.
  • Learning/openness: We strive to be open to learning and promote the sharing of knowledge
  • Responsibility: We endeavor to deliver what is expected of us by our stakeholders
  • Compassion: We are driven by compassion to transform the lives of those in the communities we serve
  • Transparency: We endeavor to be accountable to all stakeholders in the planning process

Strategic program Objectives:

Education Program Objectives include;

  • To improve enrolment and completion of Primary and secondary education through strengthened school and scholarship program
  • To increase employment opportunities through access to vocational skills development

Economic empowerment Program Objectives include;

  • To improve farmers’ yields by increasing access to extension services, post- harvest techniques and improved farm inputs
  • To promote small enterprise development through skills training, improved market access and increased business acumen/knowledge

Institutional capacity development Program Objectives include;

  • To enhance efficiency and effectiveness by strengthening organizational systems
  • To enhance the technical competencies of staff through human resource development

Strategies or Approaches

BESO while carrying out its work uses the following strategies;

  • Networking: creating linkages with stakeholders, government and other organizations for collaboration in ways that advance BESO’s vision
  • Partnership development: cultivate strategic partnerships that align with BESO’s goals and maintain those partnerships through effective communication, accountability and joint learning
  • Participatory approach: Ensure key stakeholders are at the center of planning, execution and evaluation processes
  • Advocacy and awareness; Sensitize communities about salient issues and influence decision makers to create change
  • Equip people with relevant knowledge and skills to address personal, community or organizational challenges

Overall Goal "An economically empowered and educated community where all members have realized improved standards of living".