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About Us

Our Mission: We are forging a prosperous and vital New Memphis by attracting, developing, activating, and retaining talent.

Why Talent?

Now More than ever, Memphis needs talent. Our businesses need talent to thrive, our government needs talent to solve problems, our schools need talent to drive reform, and our communities need talent to innovate and work for a better future.

Developing Talent

The New Memphis Institute trains leaders with a mission - to develop their personal potential so Memphis reaches its full potential. It is done by the New Memphis Insitute’s signature programs. All that is done contributes to a mission with a purpose: leadership that ripples from New Memphis' programs and improves all facets of Memphis – neighborhoods, schools, government, economic development, and civic life. Some of the most important impacts are those made through the Community Action Projects which help local nonprofits deliver on their missions.

Recruiting and Retaining Talent

The New Memphis Institute leads Memphis’s efforts to retain and attract the talented workers that are the gold standard for the knowledge economy. The New Memphis Institute was the first to develop strategic programs aimed at ensuring that Memphis has the talented workforce needed for the future. With proven initiatives that connect people and jobs, the New Memphis Institute emphasizes peer-to-peer communications valued by millennials, equips company HR officials with information to attract and keep prospects, and introduces summer interns, young professionals, and potential employees to Memphis’s vibrancy and distinctiveness. This work to recruit and retain knowledge workers produces an over $70 million impact for the Memphis community and results in an unparalleled return on investment for local companies.

Activating Talent

We are singularly proud to be citizens of Memphis and we are invested in its future. We sponsor and organize special events, luncheons, and celebrations that spotlight our community’s personality, authenticity, and achievements. We also inform Memphians to speak out about important issues for knowledge workers including: decreases in crime, new green assets like bike lanes, regional parks, and greenlines, and educational advancements.