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About Us

Thanks for visiting the Rainwater Renewal Foundation web site. We're a brand new organization, and as such, are in the research and exploration phase of getting up and running. Rainwater Renewal Foundation is a group of social entrepreneurs committed to directing a meaningful share of the earnings we produce through related for-profit endeavors back into the communities in which we live and work. Joined by our business allies (both individual and corporate), we support processes of social renewal among families, neighborhoods, communities, and the individuals that are a part of them. We actively promote Educational Innovation and Strengthening Families. Our aim is to identify existing organizations, projects, programs, and people who are pursuing and producing work in our target areas, and then find ways to help them improve their impact through: 1) Dialogue and exploration of what is truly needed - what is missing that, if it were provided, would make a major difference in outcomes 2) Inventive and effective use of technology tools and resources 3) Application of organizational best practices and sufficient monetary resources to insure that program goals can be achieved