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About Us

We are a community development non-profit organization working mainly in Africa (but have recently started work in India) with the goal of mobilizing communities to care for their own vulnerable populations without relying on outside assistance. We focus on community initiated and community driven projects that utilize the resources the people have on hand to improve their quality of life. We conduct a facilitation meeting where training around sanitation, nutrition, education, economic security among other things are discussed and stressed. Out of the training program communities mobilize into groups and begin working on improving the lives of their village members.

From our website

Our Vision....Is to see every child safe, living in a loving home, and doing well.

Our Mission.... Is to equip communities to care for their vulnerable population by raising their standard of living using their own resources.

Our Purpose.... Is defined by James 1:27 and Matthew 25:32-48. It is to serve the poor on the ground, in the field and in real ways that attack the root causes of poverty, disease and abuse.

This is a very simplified version of what we do. More specifically, at Village Care we:

  • Equip leaders to empower communities to care for their widows and orphans by raising their standard of living using the resources they have on hand
  • Create real empowerment through education and partnership
  • Seek to see orphaned or abandoned children return to or remain in their ancestral home or village
  • Work to see a nation transformed through the independent effort of local communities building a grassroots movement toward health and liberation
  • Seek to initiate businesses on a local level geared toward building and sustaining the local and individual economies
  • Facilitate awareness of the issues facing third world communities and inspire real action by providing volunteers with trip opportunities in Village Care-trained countries throughout the world
  • Visit communities to encourage their success, share in their burdens, be with them in times of need and celebration, and learn all we can through observation and conversation

Our main office is located in Auburn, CA, and our secondary location is in Seattle, WA. We accept volunteers from all over the country and will work with you in your location.