Conservation Corps North Bay

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27 Larkspur Street
San Rafael
United States

About Us

Conservation Corps North Bay's mission is to develop youth and conserve natural resources for a strong, sustainable community.

Founded in 1982, CCNB is the oldest local, and private, non-profit Conservation Corps in the country. It began in response to severe flooding that was occurring throughout Marin County in the winter of 1982. A group of concerned citizens decided to take action. They started a group, which went out and battled the elements to help protect local neighborhoods from the flooding, as well as natural habitats that also were at risk.

Today CCNB provides job training to Corpsmembers, ages 18-28, by working on projects that help to preserve the beautiful environment in Marin and Sonoma. CCNB also offers educational opportunities to its Corpsmembers. Our Education Department helps them earn their High School Diploma, GED, or college credit.