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About Us

Education is the strongest lever for personal development, and capable, active citizens are the strongest levers for long-term, sustainable change. Together with our donors, we award merit based scholarships to bright and financially disadvantaged students in developing countries. These 4 year scholarships cover two main areas:

  • Building People: With each scholarship you provide education for a talented student who lacks the financial means.
  • Building Nations: Every scholar receives mentoring and becomes a part of our unique network of future decision makers who will drive their country forward.

Our current focus is Kenya and as the donor, you can decide which young scholar you want to support by reading their essays and application details in our database of students. Our high potential students have already demonstrated excellence in primary school and extracurricular activities but lack the finances to access secondary education. Our applicants tested in the top 10% of students in their year according to the nation-wide KCPE exam. Once you select a student and fund a scholarship for $750 a year over four years, you will receive progress reports on your student's performance and your student can attend bi-annual mentorship acadamies in addition to the education they receive from one of our 32 partner schools.

Founded in 2007 by members of Kenya’s civil society, the organization has established fundraising Chapters in Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and now the US. We’re primarily run by volunteers, which is one of the reasons donated funds are spent so effectively.