The Cedar Foundation

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About Us

The Cedar Foundation is a Bulgarian NGO established in 2005. We work on the forefront of social service reform by developing alternatives to institutional care for neglected children and young adults, with and without disabilities.

We envision a better Bulgaria, which:
  • Values, accepts and respects every individual as an integral part contributing to the richness of society;
  • Offers quality support to ensure that equality in opportunity, self-determination, and civic and social participation is available to ALL.
In 2010, we closed a large institution for children with disabilities in the village of Gorna Koznitsa, the first project of its kind, which paved the way for Bulgaria-wide deinstitutionalization strategy and practice.  We partner with local authorities to establish and expand a model of high-quality social services that empower previously institutionalized children and young adults to obtain the necessary skills to lead an independent life.

The Cedar Foundation is headquartered in Sofia but also operates two field offices, and manages several social services. We are a small, dedicated, energetic team with a passion for seeing real, positive change occur in the lives of the children we serve.

Empathy  |  Optimism  |  Democracy  |  Ethics  |  Entrepreneurship  | Dedication  | Appreciation  |  Partnership  |  Teamwork  |  Leadership

OUR GOALS for 2011 - 2015
  • Establish a full range of sustainable, high-quality services in the field of deinstitutionalization and social integration
  • Increase Bulgarian public’s acceptance of and engagement with people with disabilities
  • Become a model, a “market leader” for deinstitutionalization in Bulgaria and establish a path to expansion of this model
  • Defend the rights of disadvantaged people, through supporting the creation and implementation of sustainable DI policy and practice in Bulgaria
  • Raise awareness and encourage compassion through expansion of an international/ national volunteer and advisory network