R.H.I.N.O.: Rhino Horn Investigative & Neutralizing Ops

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About Us

We are a cross platform, highly trained, highly skilled professional anti poaching unit to protect the rhinocerous population in South Africa, and educate public about all things rhino. We also investigate poaching incidents, poaching organizations and any misrepresentations of rhino related organizations. Our investigative teams work on many levels from interviewing poachers to watching people or fraudulent organizations that solicite funds for rhino protection on the internet.

We will support and aide anyone or organization that is involved with education the consumers of rhino horn. We will concentrate mainly on educating the genreal public in the area of rhino crisis and the escalation of rhino poaching in recent years. We will help people realize what a truly procarious position the rhino are in presently. As we grow we willl help those that market to and educate the Asian coutnries that are the prime consumers and believe the myth that the horn has any curative properties.