CCEO YouthBuild

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5021 Lennox Blvd
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About Us

CCEO YouthBuild is a non-profit organization providing comprehensive services to young adults living in the Los Angeles area who are considered to be "at risk". We are a leadership development program which fosters the belief that we must develop our youth's leadership skills so that they may become active agents for social justice in our communities.

YouthBuild provides leadership opportunities and development within each of its three program components. Program members alternate weeks between education with our in-house Charter High School and hands-on construction skills training while building and rehabilitating low-income homes. Members will also benefit from weekly leadership development activities and participate in community service opportunities one Saturday of each month.

CCEO YouthBuild, though its partnership with YouthBuild USA, is also able to offer a number of AmeriCorps positions to our young people. In addition to teaching our members success through service, we are able to offer them scholarships to assist them in their pose secondary education.