Trust forYouth and Child Leadership (TYCL)

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About Us

Trust for Youth and Child leadership (TYCL) is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization started and run by college going young adults from Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu with the aim of bringing positive change in youth, children and their community through safe, inclusive, participative and innovative leadership models. The organization was officially registered under Indian Trust Act- 1882 on 8th March 2011 at Puducherry.

Trust for Youth and Child Leadership (TYCL) creates safe and secure platform for youth and children to develop themselves through

  • Addressing local and global community issues
  • Recognize and cultivate personal and collective power
  • Builds relationship and mentorship without border
  • Access the tools necessary to transform their own lives in community and collaboration with others
    • To promote positive community development through child and youth organizing in India
    • To promote and provide active preparation and response to issues of social or natural disaster.
    • To build values-based learning spaces [such as community groups or centres, schools or colleges] that give priority to the most vulnerable children and youth and their allies.
    • To build and promote a community-based research and transformation institution/organization.
    • To create linkages with likeminded people and related stake holders


Principles of TYCL

i. Mutual Transformation (We are willing to have our perceptions and ideas changed and we are willing to share our views and experiences with others who are also open to being changed.)

ii. Meaningful and Relevant (We are aware of and we respect the life –histories, people, places, beings, events- around us and of the people we work with.)

iii. Dialogue (We learn with and from others by sharing our views in ways that respect other peoples’ views. We choose to dialogue on our issues, not debate..)

iv. Reflection (We are observant and aware of our own feelings and thoughts and we take time to reflect on how those feelings and thoughts impact the way we act in the world.)

v. Connection (We are conscious of how all people and issues are not separate or alone. We see the connection between issues as well as our connection to other people. We recognize that this world is an interconnected and interdependent place.)

vi. Action (We commit to make changes in our own lives, our local communities and our global communities. We value principle-based action that follows and is reinforced by our principles to address the community issues that matter most to us.)


  • Child Protection Policy
  • Gender Inclusive Policy
  • Intern/Volunteers Policy