Volunteer in Nepal

About Us

The Volunteer Society Nepal is a Nepali run grass root organization that mobilizes local and international Volunteers and resources to safeguard the health and well being of Nepali women and children. It also offers Volunteering Programs to provide with international volunteers a wide range of adventure while opening their hearts to the country’s hospitable people. Famed for its adventurous terrain and lovely ambiance, Nepal is the dream destination for volunteers who wish to make a permanent, positive change in the lives of the disadvantaged.

By volunteering in Nepal you not only directly improve the situation of those you work with, but you also have a life changing experience yourself. The challenges of a new culture, a different language and new environment, tests you in different ways to your normal life. We find our volunteers leave with unbelievable memories, but also new found adaptability, resourcefulness and knowledge that stand them in good stead for future careers.

Please visit our website http://www.volunteersocietynepal.org