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About Us

Exhale to Inhale seeks to empower survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to reclaim their lives through the healing and grounding practice of yoga.

Exhale to Inhale (ETI) is grounded in the belief that we all possess inner strength and inner peace. ETI was founded in May of 2013 to bring yoga to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Exhale to Inhale offers yoga not as a way to heal or as a form of exercise, but rather as a form of empowerment. From the beginning, ETI has been supported by the yoga community of New York City.

Our teachers are rooted in the philosophy and physicality of the yoga practice. We recruit certified yoga instructors and educate them about the nuances of teaching trauma sensitive yoga. Our teachers go where others don't—to the shelters and community-based organizations that work with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Each week, our instructors draw upon the training and resources we provide to plan a sequence of poses and breathing exercises that meets the needs women whose lives have been shaped by trauma. Operating in this environment presents its own challenges. However, in the midst of chaos, we create a safe space in which women can breathe and connect.

Exhale to Inhale is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.