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About Us

Welcome to Insight Christian School, formerly known as International Christian School. Insight is a non-traditional Christian school dedicated to creating and supporting a “bully-free” atmosphere. In a 2007 report it showed that nearly 80% of students who experienced bullying stated that it occurred inside the school grounds. We are the only school in the greater San Francisco Bay Area that is 100% focused on catering to victims and fighting the bully epidemic. Often, student victims are faced with the difficult choice of staying at their current school or to be home-schooled to escape bullying. Because of bullying, 160,000 kids in the US stay home from school every day. ICS is an option for students to be in a safe school environment while receiving the attention they need. We have 7 years of history enabling students, who have had difficult experiences in other schools, to find their identity and purpose in our safe, inclusive environment. Students who have been bullied find a place to belong and excel academically, as well as those who have bullied in the past.

ICS’s original anti-bullying curriculum incorporates inner-healing and has a major focus on the performing arts. We have a history of producing extremely talented students in music, drama and dance. Students gain confidence and skills through working together to put on school productions. We do not want to exclude students who are not interested in drama, so we offer two tracks to graduation: the arts and business (regular college prep courses with an emphasis in business)

ICS currently boasts a 100% graduation rate versus Oakland’s staggering dropout rate of 52%. 98% of ICS graduates go on to college.

In a brief survey with ICS students we have found that:

78% admit to being bullied in some capacity prior to entering ICS

The number has been reduced to 21% while at ICS.

42% admit to being bullies prior to entering ICS

13% after attending ICS

Our current student body is made up of students from: Oakland, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Hayward, Union City and Fremont. As we look to move, we desire to impact the entire East Bay on a much larger scale, and increasing our territory of influence.