Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA)

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About Us

Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture ( connects farmers and food justice advocates (aka Stewards) around the world for participatory training and cross-cultural exchange programs. Training is based on ecological production practices and innovative marketing models to strengthen sustainable local food systems worldwide.

MESA facilitates seasonal, participatory programs for global Stewards to live and train at US Host farms, education centers, and businesses promoting sustainable and ecological agriculture. Stewards currently hail from Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Haiti & Korea.

A blended fund development model helps MESA provide small seeds grants for Steward alumni to implement Home Country Projects in their communities and for on-farm projects called SPRIGs (Sustainable Projects Recognizing Innovative Growers) that add value and sustainability to training sites. MESA partners with international NGOs and universities across the globe (aka Global Partners) to connect with Steward applicants and provide support services for Steward alumni upon return home.

MESA has recently launched outbound programs for American and international Stewards to train with our Steward alumni on community projects in Thailand and Peru, and we aim to launch outbound programs in Ecuador, Sri Lanka and Ghana in the coming two years.