Behind the Walls, Between the Lines

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About Us

Behind the Walls, Between the Lines was founded in July 2014 by Felicia Henry. Growing up, Felicia often dreamt of being the CEO of her own business, but never knew what the business would be. As she grew older and began to acknowledge the power of her voice, she finally understood. Witnessing the injustices of the criminal justice system toward Black and Brown people, she realized that she needed speak up; thus, Behind the Walls, Between the Lines (BTWBTL) was birthed. BTWBTL brings poetry and social justice together in a space that uses the power of Art to transcend racial lines as a catalyst to discuss why those very same lines exist. It is more than just a brand, more than just a show. It is a movement. The vision of BTWBTL is to use the platform of arts, specifically poetry to challenge and encourage people to have real discussions about incarceration and state-sponsored violence. It is an avenue to which people can engage in critical reflection and analysis to initiate change. Through shows, conferences, and literature, BTWBTL serves as the beginning to the end of the status quo.