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About Us

Founded by a Rochester physician, Ralph Pennino, MD, and supported by volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, InterVol is a Rochester community based non-profit organization. We are dedicated to serving others through the recovery and redistribution of medical supplies and equipment; to bridging local hospitals and medical professionals with other countries and care-giving organizations in areas of need; and to providing international educational support. We envision a better, more connected world, where people, materials, opportunities and needs are brought together for mutual benefit.

InterVol operates with a minimal budget and overhead, achieving extraordinary results through a dedicated group of over 300 volunteers. It has been determined that every $1 invested in the organization results in $9 of benefit for those served. Since 1989, InterVol has brought together this diverse group of volunteers. They have the opportunity to impact the lives of our community, the nation, and the world, by giving of their time and expertise to those in need. Older generations volunteer with younger generations to teach and instill the values of giving by example. The community and the world can greatly benefit from their efforts.