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About Us

Years of wedge politics, and right wing ideology dominated Idaho, and led to the founding of United Vision for Idaho in 1995. UVI is a permanent, statewide, multi-issue coalition designed to transform that political landscape by promoting public policy which allows every person to live with dignity and security in a healthy environment; by building relationships and open communication; by promoting public dialogue on the common values of the coalition; and by helping to empower participation in democracy. It is our mission the enhance access to the tools and resources, which would enable all people the same opportunity to enhance their own lives, that of their families, communities, state and nation, without discrimination or bias. We work with a diverse group of organizations to unify them under a collective frame, advocating policy that centers on economic justice and human rights, which helps our message resonate across political lines in the state, and generate a cohesive movement capable of championing real change for Idaho.