The Big Yellow House

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Wat Bo
Siem Reap


About Us

The Big Yellow House is a social enterprise based in Siem Reap, Cambodia that runs a not-for-profit guesthouse. Located just outside the downtown area, surrounded by friendly Cambodian neighbors, our guesthouse features six cozy rooms for socially responsible tourists and volunteers looking to maximize their impact while abroad. All profits from the guesthouse are transferred to Bridge of Life School, a local not-for-profit that provides educational programming in under resourced Khmer communities.

The guesthouse is very unique and it is the first of its kind in Cambodia. In addition to typical hotel facilities and amenities it features a fair trade boutique. Here sewing graduates have created unique garments and souvenirs to be sold to guests; local students have also drawn traditional Khmer charcoal artwork reflecting their cultural heritage; and a carpenter has created unique wood sculptures and items by hand. All proceeds from the sales go directly to the individuals who created the product, allowing you to invest directly into the local Cambodian economy.

We also offer unique tours to guests staying at our house called "Investours". Instead of visiting the temple or common tourist traps, guests have the opportunity to visit a variety of local non-profits working in the development sector. They will learn about issues affecting Khmer communities and how they are being addressed. Afterwards, they are asked to make a donation to the particular non-profit in return for the tours. It's an excellent way to maximize your impact while abroad and, ideally, form a long term relationship with the organization visited.