Suubi Medical Centre

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Busu Village

About Us

We need Suubi Volunteers and Ambassadors

Suubi Volunteers and supporters play a big part and make valuable contributions via fundraising to keep Suubi Clinic operating successfully. You might like to get involved, perhaps, by organising a charity event for Suubi Clinic.

We need Volunteers

Suubi Medical centre we need skilled volunteers and elective placement workers in various fields. Doctors and specialists in all disciplines, nurses, paramedics, dentists, physiotherapists, social workers, all health care personnel and teachers.

War, Starvation,poverty and disease are a harsh reality for many in the impoverished areas of Africa and Uganda. Children in rural areas of Uganda like Busu are the most vulnerable — where 1 in 4 will die before the age of ten to treatable illnesses like Malaria. The average life span in Uganda for an adult is 48 years.

  • Can you imagine holding a dying baby in your arms or watch a mother crying because she cannot look after her children?
  • Can you imagine walking 10 miles to Hospital whenever you needed treatment?
  • Can you imagine being in labour and having to have your baby in the field, on the roadside, or in a market?
  • Can you imagine growing up in a place where there are no toys, no footballs, no sweets and treats?
  • Can you imagine growing up in a place where you lack

the most basic things in life: food, clean water, safety, and a bed of your own?

  • Can you imagine having to work in the field daily to grow your own food and walk 10 miles to school everyday?
  • Have you ever seen small children playing, knowing that their parents died and left them with AIDS virus?
  • Do you ever think that the world is not fair and we need to do something’?

That world and that place does exist and it is where Suubi Medical Clinic is endeavoring to make a difference, to try and stop Malaria, reduce infant mortality, reduce death during labour in Busu and the near by villages in Iganga district Uganda. Suubi Medical Centre.

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