Now Art LA

  • California


2100 N Main St
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

We form a women’s run organization of curators, producers and artists unified in our aspirations that the transformative and inspiring lens of art should be placed in our everyday experience. Our access to influential artists, both local and international, gives NOW Art LA a significant edge in servicing the increasing needs of curating, producing and expanding Public Art.

We are impassioned with the vision of how transformative art can be, and are working to make more works available in our public landscape. Our supporters include community organizations, urban developers, property owners, civic entities, private collectors and artists for whom we broker site specific locations and help make their ideas possible. By combining forces, alongside other not for profit organizations, and influencers, we have created a dynamic and impressionable organization bringing a stronger public art presence to Los Angeles with emotionally evocative, culturally attuned, meaningful works.

NOW Art creates and curates site specific artworks that revitalize both physical and social landscapes and engage the public’s imagination.

NOW Art aims to increase the quality and vitality of public art as a vehicle to engage cultural, social, and civic conversations. We seek to enhance, enliven, and enrich public space through the development of culturally attuned, diverse and aesthetically stimulating installations.