The Israel Free Loan Association (IFLA)


29 Rivka Street


About Us

The mission of The Israel Free Loan Association (IFLA)is to provide interest free loans to needy immigrants and other needy Jewish Israelis (or non-Jews who have served in the Israeli army). Loan categories include loans for immigrants, loans to large families,single parent families, victims of terror, small businesses, emergency loans, housing loans, loans to families raising a handicapped child at home, and student loans for university education. The IFLA is a well-known nonprofit tax-deductible Israeli organization,serving needy persons nationwide. We have received the President of Israel's award for Outstanding Nonprofit Organization, the Mayor of Jerusalem's citation for Outstanding Volunteer Activity, the Ministry of immigrant Absorption award and the Sderot Conference award for contribution to Israeli society. Since 1990, the IFLA has provided over 34,000 interest free personal loans, totalling over $93 million. Loans range from $3,000 to $15,000. Borrowers must have a basic minimum income, and two guarantors who are working. Tax-deductible "Friends of the IFLA" exist in the USA, Canada and England. More details are available at