United Methodist Church of Los Altos

  • CA


655 Magdalena Ave
Los Altos
United States

About Us

LAUMC began 66 years ago as the dream of a few Los Altos citizens for a community church. Worship was held along the creekside in the summer under the oak trees and in a movie theater in the winter until the first buldings were built. Could our courageous and sacrificing founding mothers and fathers have ever dreamt that their community church would become what it is today?

Today, LAUMC has 2500 members, 2400 constituents, 800 each week in worship attendance, a $2.3 million operating budget and is one of the Northern California leaders in the United Methodist denomination. We are a group of people defined by an ever present restlessness to do more. It is not enough for us to have experienced the power and love of God's grace and possibility. We want to share that with others. We want to share it with the world.

It's not enough for us to enjoy the privileges and prosperity of our life in Silicon Valley. We are not comfortable knowing that one in four children in California live in poverty, or that thousands of children will die every day of hunger and malnutrition-related diseases around the world. We reject violence as a solution to our problems.  We insist that God's grace and possibility can save the broken world in which we live. We yearn for a marriage of personal spirituality and social responsibility in our lives.

The original Methodist mission statement of John and Charles Wesley in 18th century England was: "To reform the nation and . . . spread scriptural holiness over the land." The mission of the United Methodist Church has always been to foster "personal holiness and social responsibility." Faith is always a deeply personal experience impacting us in a variety of ways. Yet that faith, when authentic, moves us beyond ourselves, out into the world to make a positive difference.

We describe our mission with the statement, "Touching heaven, changing earth, with head, heart, and hands."