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In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, many leaders are looking to peacemaking and conflict resolution as the most effective ways to deal with the violence and hatred that threaten global security.

George Mason University's School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR) is committed to interrupting these cycles of violence through rigorous academic programs and innovative work in the field.

For 25 years, our faculty, students, and alumni have addressed deep-rooted conflicts wherever they occur- in the metropolitan Washington DC., across the United States, and on the international stage. We have been leaders in the field since our founding: S-CAR was one of the first groundbreaking "Theory Centers" funded by the Hewlett Foundation. We created the world's first master of science and doctorate in conflict resolution, and we recently expanded our programs to serve undergraduate students and midcareer professionals.

At the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR), faculty and students are committed to the development of theory, research, and practice that interrupt cycles of violence. S-CAR is an innovative academic resource for people and institutions worldwide. It comprises a community of scholars, graduate students, alumni, practitioners, and organizations in the field of peace making and conflict resolution. S-CAR is a Commonwealth Center for Excellence, recognized for its leadership in the field and its world-renowned faculty.


The S-CAR Faculty includes some of the most prominent scholars and practitioners in the field of conflict analysis and resolution. Our faculty, visiting scholars, and students pursue academic and research interests that include environmental issues, post-Cold War ethnic conflicts, and indigenous solutions, class and civil rights, gender, and religion.

Faculty have served as mediators and consultants in conflict zones around the world-including Northern Ireland, Liberia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Israel and Palestine, Bosnia, Latin America- and throughout the United States. ICAR's advisory board represents diverse expertise including: diplomacy, the military, advocacy, the media, and corporate and nonprofit management.

Our alumni work in some of te most important conflict resolution organizations as well as government agencies, academia, international organizations, trade associations, and private companies. Employers include the State Department, the Department of Defense, USAID, the United Nations, International Alert, World Bank, National Mining Association , and the National Mediation Board.


S-CAR is committed to: -Advancing the understanding of deeply rooted conflicts between individuals, groups, organizations, and communities in the United States and all over the world through research, teaching, practice, and outreach

-Carrying on a systematic and ongoing study of the nature, origins, and types of social conflicts

-Developing the requisite processes and conditions for the productive resolution of conflicts