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About Us

Would you like to live an experience of international volunteering but do not know what steps to follow to get involved in a volunteer project?
ACCIÓN BALEAR can help you! We are an organization specialized in organizing international volunteering programs and currently coordinate various projects in Europe and Africa.
Our international volunteering programs give you the opportunity to live a unique experience, know firsthand other realities and cultures, acquire and integrate new values ​​in a volunteer project on the ground.
As a volunteer, you will not only "help" but rather go to "learn"; you will be part of the team, sharing their daily lives, their successes and the challenges faced by working with groups in poverty and/or social exclusion.
We offer different possibilities to participate in an international volunteering program, no matter the age or the profile you have, sure we help you in finding a project that suits your needs.
Each and everyone can participate in an international volunteering program!
Anyone can be a volunteer. All you need is motivation, sensitivity and willingness to collaborate and learn from the people within the community. There are many reasons to perform volunteer work, no matter when you decide to live the experience, or what project you want to collaborate with: It will definitely bring you a lot!

We are a nonprofit organization based in Palma de Mallorca (Spain).
Our mission is to promote the mobility of people within the international field in order to raise social awareness, through experience and participation in volunteer projects on the ground.

We connect you with international volunteer projects.
We help you in choosing a suitable project to your profile and interests.
We advise you throughout the process.
We accompany you throughout your volunteer activity.
But above all, we are part of your experience.