Milwaukee Achiever Literacy Services

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About Us

Each year, more than 270 metro-area volunteers assist the professional staff with one-on-one tutoring. They are paraprofessional tutors, trained and supervised by our professional staff to provide personalized, planned instruction and mentoring to their assigned adult learners. These volunteer tutors include corporate executives, assembly line workers, retired professionals, trained educators, professionals from all fields, and successful, change-oriented citizens. This positive relationship benefits, not only the learners, but also the tutors. As our community volunteers participate in cross-generational and cross-cultural teaching, they, too, broaden their horizons and develop positive attitudes to better relate to people from diverse cultural, economic, and social backgrounds.

In total, approximately 360 volunteers annually offer their services in the following areas: tutoring, fundraising, establishing / maintaining functional computers, assisting with clerical/maintenance tasks, and providing professional and legal services.

Volunteers are needed in all areas, especially tutoring. Volunteers willing to become tutors of adult learners are asked to make a minimum commitment of two hours per week for an eight week semester.

Free orientation and training are provided, and all learning is guided by our teaching staff. Contact us today to begin your volunteer service to Milwaukee Achiever!

Recipe for a great volunteer:

A love of reading Passion for education Enthusiasm for sharing life skills Dedication towards making Milwaukee a better place to live Enrichment of your life Open to new ideas and experiences A sense of humor The degree of a caring heart Experience the healing power of doing something good!