Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations

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About Us

The Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard University is a university-wide center for the study of nonprofit organizations and civil society. The Hauser Center seeks to expand understanding and accelerate critical thinking about the leadership of nonprofit and non-governmental organizations through the key goals of research, education, and practice.

The Center’s goals include:

Research: Explore the critical questions affecting nonprofits and NGOs and widely disseminate the findings.

Education: Support teaching about nonprofit organizations across Harvard University and development of curricula in the field.

Practice: Connect current and future leaders with new thinking and scholarship.

In the Center’s second decade, we built on our base of teaching and research, engaging current and future leaders of nonprofit organizations and civil society movements worldwide. To strengthen our service to the nonprofit field, we concentrate in five specific domains:

(a) international development and humanitarian organizations,

(b) justice and human rights organizations,

(c) arts, culture, and media organizations,

(d) nonprofit organizations in China, and

(e) philanthropic organizations.