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About Us

Mission Statement...The mission of PayBack is to fund and administer restorative justice programs for juvenile offenders and victims by raising restitution funds, locating job sites, and restoring the juvenile sense of self through personal accountability, community service and job skills.

How it Works...Collaborative effort involving three components: The Family Courts, public-nonprofit agencies serving as work sites, and financial support from the community (YOU!)

Juveniles requiring the services of PayBack are “credited” at minimum wage for each community service hour worked, with money earned being returned to their victims.

Community Impact...Since 1983, approximately 12,000 youths have generated 500,000+ hours of community service and returned more than $600,000.00 of restitution to crime victims in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

Recidivism rates for juveniles participating in a restorative justice program (approximately 28% through PayBack) is lower than for non-participating juveniles with an estimated savings to our community of $700,000.00 in crimes not committed.

Focus...Holds juveniles accountable for their delinquent acts, restores the juveniles sense of self through lessons in personal accountability, restores juvenile sense of pride through work skills and community service. Provides nonprofit and public agencies with a resource of volunteer manpower. Restores victims sense of community and sense of security and control.

Restoring the health of the community, repairing the harm done, meeting victims' needs, and emphasizing that the offender can -- and must -- contribute to those repairs. 

Funding...Funding is entirely supported by voluntary contributions from citizens, corporations, small businesses, foundations and special events.