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About Us

Book Buddies pairs volunteer tutors with struggling readers in the second and third grade.

It is critical to the future of this community for all children to be literate. In order to achieve this goal, The Bartholomew County Literacy Task Force has initiated the Book Buddies Program. This program has been created to provide individualized tutoring support for young readers. Book Buddies operates in all twelve public elementary schools in BartholomewCounty and pairs adult volunteers with second and third grade students.

Volunteers are recruited during the summer and early fall from the local businesses and organizations including the administration personal at BCSC and FRHC. Businesses are asked to release employees during the work day to tutor a child.

Volunteers work for one hour a week for 25 weeks. During that hour the volunteer tutors two students one-on-one for 30 minutes each. There will be a site supervisor at each school who is responsible for the lesson plans and scheduling the tutors. They will be in the school while the tutoring is taking place to help support the tutor. The volunteer has a folder for each child. In each folder there are lesson plans with all the materials that are needed. The books that the tutor reads with the student have vocabulary words to be studied. There are also comprehension questions for the tutor to ask when the book is finished.

Students are selected based on their performance on their Individual Reading Inventory tests and the STAR test at the beginning of the school year. Teacher recommendations are also used. They receive one-on-one tutoring four days a week for one hundred days. The students read leveled books and progress at their own rate. There are several parent meetings planned to encourage more parental involvement. Reading at home each night is stressed.

Volunteers are required to attend a short training session before being placed at a school and are also required to complete a background check.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many children will I work with?

You will work with 2 children for 30 minutes each child.

Can I choose which school I go to?

Yes, if there is an opening at that school.

Does this require any special education?

A high school diploma is preferred. There will be training provided before you start tutoring.

Do I have to pay for the background checks?

No. The schools will furnish them.

Can I volunteer for more than one day of the week?

Yes, In fact it would benefit the child you would be tutoring.

Is Cross Cliff included in the program?

Yes. This is a program for all ofBartholomewCounty.