Volunteer-Globalization of TOGO

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About Us

Our Mission is to Empower underserved communities to be self-reliant, Fight against marginalization of the poorest for the equity in globalisation, and Promote actions torwards alleviation of poverty and stimulating internal capacities of development underprivileged communities. VGLOB is a global alliance member for youth employment.

Activities: Community based projects (communities apraisal and diagnosis, monitoring and evaluation policy development,...) Research work (see reports on ourwebsite) empowerment of commities of development of villages Awareness -raising; Reproductive Health promoting (HIV/AIDS...), Partnership Programs, Cultural Exchange ( we organize humanitarian workcamp to support villages development). From 2003 to 2014 VGlob has biult two libraries in Bagbé and Glékopé, Agou; schools in Avé district; has renoved a health care center and built Latrines in Nyitoe-Zoupké. And has developed Peace and Communitty Development outreach and customized education pragram In collaboration with iijd (International Institute for Justice and Development www.iijd.org )based in Boston, Peace of the World Internationalm POWI www.peaceoftheworld.org based in USA and Care4Hope based in Atlanta.